From the Airway…and Beyond!

Master the Basics of Sleep.

As simple as ABC –

Airway, Breathing and

Cranial Nerves.

Keep up with emerging science….

Once you master the screening for mechanical airway issues, you are ready to dig deep into the mechanical function and chemistry of sleep. Unravel the mysteries of those elusive 8 hours and communicate with confidence to motivate your clients during therapy.

Airway Workshop $125 (3 hrs)

Three hour workshop on the basics of screening for mechanical issues and related sleep disorders. Gather your integrative team to effectively treat and reverse comorbid effects.

The Nose Knows CN I $175 (4 hrs)

The breath of life begins with the nose. Discover how the functioning of this vital, underrated organ is essential for effective sleep. Two 2 hour classes.

Communication $175 (4 hrs)

With so much life-saving information at our finger-tips, why does it seem like our patients ‘just don’t get it’? Decipher game-changing communication skills to motivate your patients. Two 2 hour classes (4 hours total)

While knowledge of sleep and airway is abundant, Julia brings a whole new integrative perspective that includes powerful communication skills including body language and facial expressions to effectively partner with your clients in their care.”

Dr. J. Roberts