Sleep Retreat

Come…Heal your Sleep!

A whole new experience…

Re-Boot Camp for Sleep!

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MEXICO

There are all sorts of retreats available to help you achieve your health objectives. Never before has there been such a unique experience where sleep recovery is the objective!

Research has demonstrated that 5 unplugged days in nature can re-set your circadian rhythm. Once you understand how your body optimally functions and begin to work in harmony with it, a good night’s sleep becomes effortless!


Clean, freshly prepared food.

Nutritious, locally-sourced food prepared on-site. Enjoy nature’s bounty.


Ocean-front locations.

Align with nature’s circadian rhythm and rest when your body desires.


Move your body like the waves…

Reconnect with your youthful vigor. Move your body effortlessly.

I have had snoring issues for many years tortured my poor wife. I had heard Julia speak and decided on a consultation and evaluation. She was extremely thorough and professional. After a detailed survey on my part and an office evaluation it was determined that I only required some simple strategies that have been extremely successful.

Bob Fitzgerald

Let’s create an experience together.